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Alex Antle is a Mi'kmaw beadwork artist originally from Central Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland) and currently living in Elmastukwek (Bay of Islands). In 2017, she started learning beading techniques with a focus on jewellery and wearable art. Alex expanded her practice in

2019 to include larger pieces that have been featured in galleries across the province.


Alex has always drawn inspiration from the land and water of her home territory. Her work is also influenced by the relationship between traditional and modern culture in Ktaqmkuk; she uses traditional beading techniques and modern designs to create contemporary Indigenous art.


Maqtukwek is an art piece that will feature a water map of the Humber River and the Bay of Islands beaded onto a moose hide. Surrounding the river will be beaded examples of the local flora and fauna that can be found along and inside the Humber River including salmon, bunchberries, and blueberries.


The inspiration for this project is the importance of clean water to our survival. The Humber River has been vital to the survival of the Indigenous peoples of Newfoundland, providing both food and a pathway for Indigenous peoples of the past and the present.

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