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Teleia is a counselling and wellness practice devoted to the community of Corner Brook, the West Coast of Newfoundland, and beyond. It is our mission to serve our clients with dignity, respect, and partner with them and the community in an inclusive approach focused on their well being and building the best mental wellness possible.

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Robyn Anderson & Chelsea Canning


Robyn Anderson (She/Her) is an artist and art therapist from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. After her undergraduate studies in Corner Brook, she received a master’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of Saskatchewan in 2016. She graduated from Vancouver Art Therapy Institute 2023 with a diploma in art therapy. 


Chelsea Canning (She/Her) is a clinical counsellor and behavioural specialist located in Western Newfoundland. Chelsea completed her Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2015. At this time, Chelsea began working as a behavioural therapist while completing her Master's of Counselling Psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. 


“Inside Light, Outside Light” invites the public to place themselves in the spotlight as artists as they help create a collaborative artwork on the pavement of West street. Participants are asked to use chalk to draw “What illuminates you from within?”.

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Have a peak of what they're working on for this years festival!

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