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An opportunity for young artists to be mentored by a practicing or professional artist to support their art and bring ideas to the next level! 




Aley Waterman is a creative writer and musician who teaches English at Grenfell Universty in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. In addition to many creative publications, her debut novel Mudflowers launches in the Fall of 2023, and she is currently working on her second novel with the help of an ArtsNL grant. For CB Nuit, she is working as a mentor with student P
aige Childs to help realize an exciting project that revolves around poetry’s ability to illuminate the mind, a project that combines visual and literary arts and invites audience participation. 

Paige Childs has recently been selected for CB Nuit’s 2023 mentorship program. Paige has a passion for poetry and loves to read, recite, and analyze poems. When it comes to designing projects, Paige is very creative and artistic with her ideas and so she’s very excited to be one of CB Nuit’s Mentees this year.

This year's theme of CB Nuit is “Illuminate” and so Paige plans to share the idea of how poetry illuminates the mind. Paige will have poetry displayed that she finds illuminating to her mind whether it's a certain stanza or word in a poem that makes her think deeper about the poem. For others to interact with this, Paige will have all different types of poetry available for others to read and highlight what they find illuminating to their mind.

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