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Growing up in Newfoundland, with a rich history involving the oral tradition, I believe story- based performance has always been ingrained in me. For my whole life, I have closely identified with my grandfather, co-founder of The March Hare”, due to our shared love of storytelling. I have been a dancer for the bulk of my life, beginning as an expression of joy as a small child. When choreographing for myself I love to include numerous styles of dance, as well as various musical elements for my training. However, I strongly believe my strength is in expression of emotion and storytelling.

Kate will be choosing emotion word at random, out of a basket, and then improvising a dance to a pre-selected song that expresses that emotion in a truthful way.

All the audience has to do is tune in at the right time, reflect on the emotion that was picked and watch as Kate brings the emotion to life through the song in Dance Studio West

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