SOMADOSE is the ambient music project of Paul Heppleston, a high school teacher better known for his work with his ongoing youth music project, Mr. H Presents. A fan of the lush and spacious textures of ambient/instrumental music and the emotive progressions of post-rock, he is influenced by artists like Caspian, Hammock, and lowercase noises; he savours chiming and swirling melodies, complex voicings, and sweet dissonance - as well as all the spaces that come in between - and makes a daily practice of immersing himself in these layers. Whether working on an original tune or creating something on the fly, Paul finds great comfort in immersing himself in music.


Helen Fox Reid is an interdisciplinary storyteller of mixed settler and Mi'kmaq ancestry. Helen uses film, photography, written and spoken word to tell women’s stories that have been largely overlooked by popular history. The social distancing and isolation of 2020 has made her ponder how people connect in spaces over time; this is something she wanted to explore through CB

Nuit’s Digital festival. She makes Corner Brook, NL, home and is currently working on twoscreenplays. This is her first collaboration with SOMADOSE.


“Drift” is about individual experiences that are related through shared spaces over time. When we are most concerned about staying within our own bubbles, we risk taking for granted the varied and unique voices in our communities. “Drift” is a series of voices. Each voice is its own bubble that intersects with other bubbles to produce sonic Venn Diagrams in a spectrum of colours. We hope to bring volume to voices that may have been overlooked; we hope to bring awareness to lives lived parallel to our own. We thank you for listening.