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West St. 2021
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An interplanetary portal has opened to Virtual West St.! The evening cityscape is lit up in a retro-futuristic, cyberpunk style. Join the party in this vibrant, parallel universe invaded by CB Nuit featured artists from Earth!

After entering the portal through the CB Nuit website, scroll to the Right or use your arrow keys to navigate down the street. Click on artist holograms, astronauts, and UFOs to be transported to their Featured Artist Pages. Visit at or by clicking the pagoda above! 

*Virtual West St. is best viewed at screen resolution of 1920x1080 and is not created for mobile. Please maximize the browser window. Viewing at a different resolution will cause glitches. Content warning: Bright flashing lights and colours.

Virtual West St. Team

Janice Hertel ( @janicehertel

Janice is a visual artist from Newfoundland & Labrador who enjoys creating digital and physical artwork as well as AR. Her career highlights include working in the digital animation and video game industry on titles such as a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for IMAX 3D. She holds an MFA from James Madison U., a BFA from VA Commonwealth U., a Certificate in3D Digital Animation from Sececa College, and a BEd from MUN.

Virtual West St. credit - Art direction, art, animation

Aidan Devereaux (@aidandevereaux)

Aidan is a photographer and artist from

Newfoundland & Labrador. He received his BFA in Visual Arts from Grenfell Campus of Memorial University in 2020. He has shown work across Canada and in the UK. His practice is based primarily in lenses as well as other new-media such as internet art. In his art he explores things he thinks are absurd or overlooked.

Virtual West St. credit - Website Developer


Julie Lewis ( @sassytunastudio )

Julie is a trained animator and designer  who spends most of her time drawing, teaching, and studying. Having studied at top art and design colleges such as Grenfell, Sheridan, and Algonquin, and MUN and Dalhousie U as well, Julie brings enthusiasm and energy to all of her endeavors. Julie teaches traditional art, digital art, and leads art projects through her own Sassy Tuna Studio. Her website, is the best place to find her.

Virtual West St. credit - Animation

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