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The St-John’s African Roots Festival (SARFest) is an annual music festival. For CB Nuit’s 2020 online event, 5 members of Sarfest, who have formed a music group, will bring their African sounds to the Arts and Culture Centre. featuring Musical Artist Ife Alaba.


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The Goal of the Festival is to introduce African music and cultures to the province, along with other African influenced music such as those from the Caribbean, Latin America and Afro-American. Each year, the Festival will host artists from different countries.

The St. John's African Roots Festival (SARFest) is international and unifying around a common passion. Since the Festival is an arts and cultural event that promotes artists from different cultures and communities, the St. John's African Roots Festival (SARFest) will become the Newfoundland and Labrador cultural event that will reach all audiences and bring together a large number of cultural communities since Africa is a very diverse continent where all Ethnic origins are represented.


Ife Alaba (Born Ifeoluwa Alaba on June 10, 1999) is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. She grew up in South Africa with a strong musical background spanning   from   being   in   choirs,   orchestras, undergoing  opera  training,  and  undertaking  the trombone. Ife began her music career after moving to   Canada,   as   a   performer   at   the   Memorial University  of  Newfoundland  in  2017.  She  later released   her   debut   single   “All   By   Myself”   in January  2020  to  much  local  acclaim  due  to  its numbing   ear   runs   and   bleeding   emotion.   Her second  single,  “Go  Slow,”  was  released  on  May 29,  2020,  and  boasted  her  unique  vocal  abilities once more with its catchy melodies and relatable message. She uses life experiences as a muse for her heart-wrenching hooks and creative but subtle melodies, while still keeping  her  music  relatable and  catchy.  She is a powerful  vocalist  whose music  style  has  been  influenced  by  a  mixture  of pop,  afro,  and  classical  music.  She has named other   artists   such   as   Laura   Mvula,  Adele, Beyoncé,  Nneka,  and  Andrea  Bocelli  as  artists who have influenced her.

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