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Sam Chaulk is a theatre artist who has been working professionally on stages across eastern Canada since graduating from Grenfell in 2011. She makes comedic, challenging and perspective-expanding work that presents her audiences with society’s warts and beauty marks in equal measure. Her play Dear Uncle Wish was mounted at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2017; she performed at The Chicago Musical Improv Festival in her cast-created show America’s Next Top Blank in 2018 and is now at York University devising her master’s thesis, Influenced: a solo show that explores what it means to be human in the digital age.


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Participants will leave this workshop with practical tools for coming up with ideas, doing initial performance explorations and nurturing their desire to create. Too often, we kill our creativity by exposing it to judgement too early in the process. Fun, on-your-feet, “don’t think” improv exercises will be combined with introspective visioning techniques to help the artist work freely, impulsively and intuitively, so they may pull their piece up from deep within themselves and not let the intellect interfere with the birth of their idea.

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