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4:57 min, 2007, sound by weltAusstellung

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The realms of science and art, to me, aren't as disparate as is often conceived. Revealing correlations between subjects and phenomena that are invisible or as yet unseen is at the core of both professions. The free audiovisual translation of these correlations then adds irrational and playful aspects that only the artistic realm allows for. The work “jellyfire” is a case in point. Inspired by aesthetic as well as conceptual parallels between deep sea and outer space, the 3D animation carries us off into an unfathomable world inhabitated by luminous structures that make us wonder: bio-luminescent lifeforms or cosmic phenomena?


Watch documentary of the outdoor screening of jellyfire at the Rotunde in Bochum, Germany.

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Rona Rangsch is a multimedia artist from Germany with a backround in physics. Leaving familiar grounds intellectually and/or physically is boosting her imagination and creativity, which is why exploring foreign places and life-long learning are key elements of her practice; she was awarded numerous international residency grants and project stipends. Besides exhibiting her own work internationally, Rona has been co-curating the exhibition program at Künstlerhaus Dortmund for fifteen years. She is a member and international delegate of Deutscher Künstlerbund and joined VANL CARFAC in 2017. Rona is currently enrolled in the Interdisciplinary PhD program at Memorial University with her project “AMBIVALAND.”

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