Smoke Show / Alley 'Oop Productions in collaboration with ACC

Is it a band? Is it a circus? Are people suspended in the air? Is everything on fire? SmokeShow is all of this and more! SmokeShow combines live classic rock, funk, soul and vaudeville with incredible fire performances and aerial dance. We think you'll be mesmerized.

Hushed and Sweeping /  Good Enough Collective

Projections of both still and moving images onto the tile clad surface of Hew & Draw. The project plays with the unique construction of the building to produce work that will
project images within images, explore the texture of the surface, and play with the light and shadow from the surrounding landscape of West Street.

Connection / John Jannone and Ryanne Spencer also featuring local dancers

Isolated objects are functional but when connected, something magical can emerge.  What creates connections? Why are some impossible while others seem innate or unavoidable? Why are some connections immediate and simple? Why are some connections indestructible while others dissipate? Through music, dance and projections the power of connection will be explored.

Idle / Marcia Huyer & Robert Hengeveld

Idle consists of vehicle exhaust collected for one minute within long transparent tubes. Each tube is
sealed and labeled with the vehicle’s description and hung within the City Hall atrium. The long tubes create a measurable and visible representation of the emissions that surround us.

Rat Reckoning / Tara Manuel

A storytelling and Puppetry piece about midlife…and a rat!

Hiking and Biking / Jane Reagh

This project will showcase the landscape around Corner Brook, and, in particular, the biking and hiking trails. Each panel with focus on one trailhead and the people of Corner Brook will be included, setting off on their expeditions.

The Queer Mummer Factory / Lucas Morneau

Enter The Queer Mummer Factory and leave in your very own Queer Mummer look. Get your face ‘beat’ by The Queer Mummer and receive your very own balaclava. Finally, have your new mug shot by The Queer Mummer and walk away with a one-of-a-kind instant photo.

Coat of Arms / Jeremy Wills

Coat of Arms is a two part live show that includes music, poetry, and performance art. At times all three in the same moment! 

Keeping Shakespeare in Schools / Luke Rowe and Bailey Jackson

Luke Rowe and Bailey Jackson present a 15-minute all-ages adaptation of Hamlet written by Brendan Kelso. Stage management by Sophia Molnar and acting by Lonni Patey, Gina Hrachy, Rachel van Vliet, Nicole Redmond and Brandon Cave. This short show will use props created in our workshop to create a kid-friendly learning environment.

Tapestry / Rebecca Feaver, Jessica Hefford, Taylor Smith, and Tiffany Lyver

An interactive, installation artwork that has the appearance of a large spiderweb. The piece features towering spiders that loom above, resting in the webs as you enter. The public are encouraged to explore in and around the piece and immerse themselves in the atmosphere.

Mi’kmaq Colouring Stretcher / Marcus Gosse

The butterfly symbolizes inner growth, strength and transformation. The butterfly (Mimikej) pronounced ‘me-me-gedge’ was chosen to display for this CB Nuit exhibit because I feel that Mi’kmaq Culture has experienced tremendous positive growth, change and transformation over the years.  This is my way of encouraging participants who are familiar and unfamiliar with native culture to continue to explore the beauty of Mi’kmaq Culture and Art on Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland). 

Night Weaving / Grenfell Maker Space

The loom is a an iconic technology and ancient technology across all cultures. In the last few
centuries it has been seminal to the development of both Industrialization and Informatics. As a
result the loom has been lost to household and individual except specialized artisans. The
performance and pieces aim to “take back” the loom. To re-integrate it, merging ancient
techniques and new technology.

The Warm, the Richly Coloured / SomaDose

The Warm, The Richly Coloured will be an improvised collaborative project exploring melodies,
harmonies, beats, and the spaces in between them. Using a variety of instruments - as well as
some visual elements - SOMADOSE (Paul Heppleston & his accomplices) will create in the
RAC an immersive ambient experience.

Nobody Cares About Art / Sara...H McDonald Youth Theatre's Hard Cases

A brand new sketch comedy set from the Hard Cases that brought you last Winters “You Raised ‘em”. Featuring sketches surrounding corner brook, her citizens, the train, and our beloved artists
themselves. Because if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at, hey b’y?! All sketches
are written 100% by our students!

Lost in Trixie / Meaghan Collins

Trixie is a young clown. Trixie hasn’t gone far beyond her room. But Trixie has heard of a marvelous evening of artists and art and knows she needs to get out and see this wonderful night for herself. Trixie will wander the festival, taking in all the sights and scenes and hope that she can find her way through it, without getting too lost along the way.  But she does have a terrible sense of direction. So who knows where this lost little wanderer will end up?

Enter the Mandala / Dominique Hurley

Join intuitive artist Dominique Hurley at the top of every hour for a 15-minute guided visionary experience with The 12 Universal Laws mandala collection exhibition. Then add your wishes & intentions to a growing community mandala before they are released into the Universe at the outdoor fire at 11:45pm. Drop in anytime throughout the evening to enjoy the exhibition.

A Walk Repeated / Andrew Testa

A Walk Repeated is the residue of a series of walks taken in Corner Brook and Port Union. Existing as road signs, each description (or instruction) references the artist's attempts to understand how one’s body can exist in the space next to the things encountered (stones, bugs, dirt, etc.)

Corner Brook Ratio / Le Ratio Corner Brook / Cringe Compilation

The Corner Brook Ratio: This theory of humanity states that around this town, for every three
skeets, there's one decent person. A French language play created by Corner Brook Regional
High students Tara Young, Lydia Kelly, Luke Thibeau, Kathryn Sanders, Jenna Leyte, and Madeline Skinner. This project is being mentored by Theatre at Grenfell and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Corner Brook.

Musical Acts

  • The Proper Things

  • DT Surgeon

  • Les  Frères Felix (bilingual performers)

  • Bridget and Dahlia

  • Rev Dave and the Sin Eaters

  • Swig Away