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Call For Lead Artist(s)- DEADLINE EXTENDED

NEW DEADLINE: May 21st, 5pm (NDT)

Hey CB Nuit followers, have you seen our call for an Artist(s) to create and facilitate our Community Project for CB Nuit 2021? Our "All of Us" Community Project is a very special part of CB Nuit each year, and this year we are so excited to invite artists to apply with their own project(s) that will engage and highlight the community that we love so much, Corner Brook!

Read the full call below:

All of Us Community Project

CB Nuit is seeking an artist(s) to lead our annual Community Project for 2021. We welcome artists who want to share their art practice and culture with our community through a collective project.

History of "All of Us"

The Community Project has traditionally reflected the community of Corner Brook.

In 2018, we celebrated the new recycling bi-laws with a string of self portraits made from repurposed items. “All of Us'' was strung along the West street light posts.

In 2019, we addressed Climate Awareness with biodegradable paper lanterns painted with food dyes and supported by compelling recorded messages from young student artists advising about Climate change. “Light for All of Us'' was installed in an indoor location on West St.

In 2020 we invited our community to create wearable art within the safety of their bubbles and be included in a final digital presentation “All of Us EveryWEAR”.

We invite you to consider the current climate of Corner Brook to inspire the idea for your project.

Things to keep in mind while writing a project proposal:

  • Project is designed to encourage participants to express their individual creativity.

  • Project needs to be suitable for all ages.

  • Keep sustainability in mind when choosing materials and processes

  • Artists are welcome to submit more than one project idea

Pending local municipal health guidelines, the artist(s) will communicate with schools to organize class visits, involve local community groups and lead a creative session(s) that will be open to the public.

The final project will be presented/installed at the CB Nuit festival.

*No previous instructing experience is required. We will work with you to make your project delivery a success!

Proposal should include:

CB Nuit Community Project Application Fo
Download • 94KB

The Application Form includes:

  • description of your proposed project

  • title using the Community Project brand “All of Us”

  • a brief bio

  • technical support details for the project

  • material list

  • A scheduled opportunity for the community to drop in and contribute to the project or help with assembly/production elements (the CB Nuit team will help create the schedule for school visits and connect with teachers in the area)

  • support material list (of images, video, audio etc)

Additional info we need:

  • timeline/schedule of the project

  • budget (up to the amount of $2,500 including professional artist(s) fees)

  • CV

  • Support Material (5-10 images/videos/audio files)


When including support material: Images should be included as .JPGS, and video/audio files should be included as links to streaming platforms in a support material list. Text documents should be attached as .PDFs

Get in Touch! Our programming committee is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. They will be happy to offer support as you prepare to submit a project proposal.

Louise Gauthier, Creative Director Email: Phone: 709-639-4513 Kelsey Street, Director of Programming Email: Phone: 709-640-9623


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