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Become a Sponsor!

*100 Fall Friends*

Sponsorship Opportunity

CB Nuit is preparing to present our 7th annual award-winning Art at Night Festival! On the weekend of September 16, 2023, we will be presenting incredible artists from all art disciplines, visual, theatre, puppetry, video, projection, dance and movement arts, on our downtown West Street. Audience attendance and feedback have proven that our community is eager to have this event grow and flourish!

We value and support your presence and contribution to our community, and believe that your business, providing service to our community in Western Newfoundland, would be a wonderful addition to our 100 Fall Friends!

~how we will help your business grow~

● showcasing your business name to thousands of community members

● affiliating with an event that supports the health and well-being of our community

● connecting to an event that has sustainability as a core value

● networking with a successful award-winning event

With your help, we will be able to meet our long-term goal to creatively invigorate, beautify, and economically stimulate our community with this inspiring event for years to come.

Louise Gauthier, Creative Director / 709 639 4513

with Brittany Eddy, Director of Sponsorship and Fundraising / 709-215-8659

Spring is coming! Help us to plant solid roots by sponsoring the growth of our beautiful CB Nuit Art Festival! Become one of our *100 Fall Friends* providing the nutrients that will help our artists blossom and reach for the stars to *illuminate* West Street on September 16th, 2023!!!

Firelight Sponsor

Amount of Sponsorship: $100 and above *noted as Firelight Sponsor on our website

*promoted on social media

Moonlight Sponsor

Amount of Sponsorship: $1,000 and above *noted as Moonlight level Sponsor on our poster and website

*promoted on our social media platforms

*acknowledged at Festival Opening

Starlight Sponsor

Amount of Sponsorship: $5,000 and above

*noted as Starlight level Sponsor on our poster and website

*promoted on social media

*acknowledged at festival opening

*invited to radio interviews

*ask about an opportunity to sponsor our Low Sensory Guided Walk or Community Project Drop-in Event Become a sponsor to have your name added to our growing tree!


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