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Nicole Travers

Born and raised in Little Port, Elmastukwek, Ktaqamkuk, Nicole Travers is a Mi’kmaw artist, creating a multitude of inspiring pieces. Nicole draws inspiration from old style beadwork found in museums, hieroglyphs, and petroglyphs. Nicole marries historical styles of beadwork with modern day techniques into contemporary form. More recently she has begun to tan various animal pelts and skins into leather using traditional teachings and has started to utilize home tanned skins into her art, creating unique pieces.

Continuing Home

Continuing Home is a multidisciplinary exhibit which continues with Kepmite’lamul (I Honor You), a series which began during Nicole’s FIA Residency in 2021, and an active opportunity for participants to touch, feel and connect to the home tanned fish skins used. Participants have the opportunity of feeling samples of previously completed fish skin, or actively softening fish skins. Active participants are asked to reflect on the connection to the fish, the food it provided and how the art of softened hide will become part of another art piece in time.

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