Nasim Makaremi is an artist living in St. John’s NL, whose artwork deals with themes of sexuality, women’s experiences, and censorship. Makaremi graduated with a MSc in solid-state physics and has been painting and making artwork since she was 10 years old. She has shown work in group exhibitions and has studied under several painting and drawing professors.


My project is an interactive installation that will use paint, collage to invite the public to write about their emotions on the artwork. This project is a collaborative project between the artist and people. I want to paint on canvas and I consider doing it in layers because I enjoy discovering layers! I pull inspiration from these layers of emotions, memories, and other secret codes within my artwork. I want to show my feelings and ideas with my artwork without speaking about it. During Festival, I prepare a pen and people will be invited to play with the composition of the painting, and write what they want on my painting. I want to make an interactive painting. People will be invited to change elements of the painting and make different versions.