Meet Our Team:

Our Board

Chair of the Board

Ang Brockway, Experience Development Officer, Qalipu First Nations

Ang Brockway (she/her) is a magnetic Mi'kmaw and fervent feminist of Elmastukwek, Ktaqmkuk (Bay of Islands, Newfoundland). A long time patron of the festival, she has been honoured to serve as a member of the board of directors since 2019. As chair of the board this year, Ang is sharing her love of art, passion for Mi'kmaw culture, and expertise in coordinating and facilitating events.


Lindsay Van Lier

Lover of people, nature, adventures, and the arts; student of life. Musician in a previous life. Teacher and (nervous) beekeeper in this one. Mother of 2 beautifully artistic humans. School participation is what opened my eyes to CB Nuit. I love that students get an opportunity to create for the community project that CB Nuit presents. I have enjoyed bringing my own kids to participate in CB Nuit over the years (they are allowed to miss bed time for that!) I'm  very excited to be a part of this.

Director of Programming

Kelsey Street, visual artist, entrepreneur and business owner

Kelsey Street is an Indigenous artist from Elmastukwek, Ktaqmkuk Territory (Bay of Islands, NL) and a graduate of the BFA program in Visual Arts at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Grenfell Campus. She often explores themes of community, connection, and resettlement through beading, textile/craft, printmaking processes, and site-specific performance/installation.

Director of Sponsorship and Fundraising

Brittany Eddy, 4th year Grenfell Business student

Brittany is a fourth-year business student at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. She has a background in management and experience as a sales consultant. She is thrilled to have joined the CB Nuit team as Director of Sponsorship and Funding and contribute to an amazing piece of Corner Brook's art community. As a mom, Brittany would love to see the arts community continue to thrive and flourish in Corner Brook so all young people can have the chance to experience it and learn from it. 

Director of Marketing and Communications

Drew Pardy, Visual Artist, Admin and Communications Coordinator St. Michael’s Printshop

My practice explores the importance of taking care — of our human connections, of the places we occupy, and of the material objects we encounter. This exploration of relationships is often rooted in community and site-specific histories, where roaming, rambling, crafting, and collaborating are all a part of the creation of positive social spaces. Everything about CBNuit embodies the community-engaged and friendship as method way of working that I love. It's been an absolute pleasure being involved over the past few years!


Leslie Lundrigan, RBC Commercial Account Manager

Originally from Corner Brook, Leslie grew up and attended university in Halifax, NS, but has been back enjoying life on the west coast of Newfoundland for the past 16 years. Professionally, she spends her days surrounded by numbers and is happy to be able to support CB Nuit by volunteering time as Treasurer. In her off time, she is usually found adventuring in the fresh air with her little girl, hiking up mountains or making paper in her backyard studio. A passionate lover of live opera performance, Leslie regularly seeks out galleries, museums and artistic experiences during her travels. With inspirations to expand her own creative outlets in the future, she firmly believes in the magnificence and significance of local art.

Director at Large

Marcia Huyer, Visual Artist

Connected to the Community Project

Marcia Huyer is a visual artist living and working in Corner Brook, NL. Marcia has been a volunteer, artist and board member with CB Nuit. Marcia thoroughly enjoyed working with the youth in Corner Brook for the Community Project of 2019. 

Director at Large

Candice Pike, Performer, Creator, Educator

Connected to governance and outreach support

Candice Pike is Corner Brook, NL based dance maker, educator, and administrator. She uses a gentle approach to create, interpret, and share dance through both a somatic and intellectual lens. Candice also practices 'community networking choreography' by facilitating a number of arts engagement and mentorship programs.

Director at Large

Adam Brake, Actor and Theatre Practitioner/Instructor

Connected to support engaged and selected artist



        Community Project Sub-Committee

          Nancy Jacobsen, Marcia Huyer, Chris Short

CBNuit Staff

Creative Director
Louise Gauthier *primary point of contact

Louise Gauthier is an award winning multidisciplinary artist with a background in theatre, vocal and visual arts. As a community organizer she works in collaboration and support of our diverse communities, seeking to foster creative opportunities for artists, artisans and art makers from all disciplines, living on the West Coast of Ktaqmkuk/Newfoundland and beyond. She is inspired by the leadership of our energetic Board of Directors and believes passionately in team work, honesty and social responsibility as together we foster the continued growth of a festival grounded in inclusivity and community. She has nurtured CB Nuit’s venture to become one of the co-founding members of the AANFA (Atlantic Alliance of art at night Festivals).