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Meaghan Collins

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Meaghan Collins graduated with a BFA (Theatre) in 2016 from Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Grenfell Campus. Since than she has worked on several projects for CBNuit over the years (Harpy, Milltown, Trixie the Clown). As well she has written and performed in “Seasonally Disordered” an evening of short plays written by folks who live in Western Newfoundland. Meaghan has greatly enjoyed participating in these projects, as they allow an opportunity to explore unique and personal themes and ideas.

Homeward Found

Homeward Found explores the meaning of home, from the lens of someone living in a place where they did not grow up. As a CFA tries to figure out her own definition of connection to home. Audience members are also invited to visit the space and offer their own interpretations of home to fill the space in which this performance takes place.

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