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Visual Artists
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Anastasia Tiller

Step Into a Painting

An Invitation / Step into a Painting is an interactive mural or rather a very large painting, it represents an emotional response to the proposed theme of the CB Nuit festival. This large format painting depicts the inviting and welcoming nature of a Newfoundland home. I would like to invite an audience to become part of the painting by stepping into the two dimensional environment to create an optical 3D perception.

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Candice Pike & Hilary Knee

The Fire Kedgys

The Fire Kedgys at CB Nuit is a movement performance that brings the otherworldly Kedgys to West Street to as ambassadors of resilience. Dancers weave along the street, inspiring each other to take action. Originally conceived by Neighbourhood Dance Works the two choreographies that make up this piece were commissioned as part of Fire Kedgys’ Come Home. 


Daze Jeffries & Violet Drake

We Carry a Body Across the Water

We Carry a Body Across the Water offers a collaborative poetic address in the form of a wave that represents an alternate present of intergenerational knowledge sharing for trans communities in Atlantic Canada.

Garrard photo.jpg

Elijah Janka Garrard


Amulets invites participants to take a small clay tablet, linking themselves to ancient traditions of protective magic practiced by humans across time. Engage in intention-setting to safeguard a place, person, or emotion that feels like Home, then leave a message for others to reflect on. 


Emily Critch

between the rocks and flowers, i think of you

between the rocks and flowers, i think of you is a body of work that honours Critch’s inherited histories from her home territory of Elmastukwek, Ktaqmkuk (the Bay of Islands, Newfoundland). She uses repetition and print media as methods of participating in cultural transmission, storytelling, and remembering. 

Still 2_Exploring the Treaty Relationship.jpg

Exploring the Treaty Relationship

Michelle Sylliboy (Mi’kmaw/L’nu), Leigh Gillam (settler), Jessica Mensch (settler), and Antoinette Karuna's (Tamil Sri Lankan/French Canadian settler) collaborative project interprets the Treaty Relationship as a liminal space of creation. Using the L’nuk/Mi’kmaw Komqwejwi’kasikl language, they created a hieroglyphic poem, which they then animated into a short film.


Grand Trine


Every place on earth has a unique energy which is why physical locations are so important in determining astrological birth charts. Just like individuals, cities and towns also have birth charts. Join us for a fictionalized podcast, where we will host a conversation between Corner Brook personified and The Astrologer.


Hot Gum


The German term Gesamtkunstwerk, roughly translates as a "total work of art" and describes an artwork, design, or creative process where different art forms are combined to create a single cohesive whole. With this in mind, we are trying to attempt to create an interactive art experience in one sitting based around the idea of home as a community, where the community at large are encouraged to take part in the show..

Close to the Bone Movie Poster - Ian Foster.jpg

Ian Foster

Close to the Bone

Close to the Bone is a mixed media presentation by Ian Foster that explores chronic illness and the intimate life of a family as a series of rooms. This special exhibit of the film will expand the project across different physical rooms, with projections and audio inviting the audience to move through the spaces as they experience the film.


Jamie Merrigan

Strange Little Bird 

Strange Little Bird seeks to visualise my journey coming home to my queer identity. Some of it is painful, some of it is joyful, all of it is important. Come find me on West Street and we can talk about it.


Jamie Skidmore

An Oz-Some Mid-Summer Night's Dream

An Awesome Mid-Summer Night’s Dream is a marionette play that imagines the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, as the Mechanicals in A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.

Lark Harbour 300 DPI.jpg

Jane Reagh

This is Our Home

My plan for This is Our Home is to project digital paintings of landscapes that I have made “en plein air” and to add people in real time during the CBNuit festival.  Participants will watch themselves being added to the projection and see the digital painting process.  


Jessicah Blanchard &

Ian Locke

i found my people

i found my people is a project that captures the surreal feeling of what happens when young people have the opportunity to grow and thrive in an artistic community that allows them to embrace their truth. Lead by teaching artists (and former youth) Jessicah Blanchard & Ian Locke, this piece combines storytelling and poetry with music and choreography to weave a new depiction of the home that they found.

Jessie Donaldson project pic_edited.jpg

Jessie Donaldson

Evening appliqué

Evening appliqué is an artwork created jointly by myself and participants from the community.  CB Nuit is one of the rare times when pedestrians have ownership of the road and to combine that with an outdoor art festival seems like a nice thing to document.


Kellyanne Henderson & Erienne Rennick

My love is building a building

This is a house built out of friendship. We built it for you. Come inside, peek through the windows. This is a place of feeling free to play, to explore, to learn together. We want you to come inside this house and feel how we did making it.


Kim & Mark Grady

Home Tree

An interactive and immersive installation of a Home Tree in a visually enhanced environment. A driftwood tree where viewers are invited to include their memory of home, making it “grow” during the night. It will be surrounded by multi-colored flowing branches, knee-high mushrooms, colored and fairy lights.


Lauren Brinson


I approach netmaking as a Newfoundlander born just after the fall of the cod fishing industry. Keeping  works to negotiate a relationship to the cultural value structures of utilitarian and aesthetic objects and  processes, and to nurture an appreciation for how beautiful netmaking is in its historical usefulness, and  its function as textile.

Lex Michael Artist Headshot (1).jpg

Lex Michael

My First Gallery

Come unlock your creativity and feel like a kid again in this interactive and mobile exhibition! Become part of the gallery as you reimagine your childhood doodles or help your little one's craft some of their own, and join the ongoing discussion towards more accessible art spaces. 


Luca Jesse Apel


Nesting is an unfinished, participatory sculpture, meant to illustrate how home is borne and shaped by families, communities, and cultures. A family of robins will hover over a nest woven from wire and scrap fabric, sheltering their eggs. Participants are invited to help finish the nest by adding scrap fabric. 

Marcus Artist-1 (1).jpg

Marcus Gosse


Peace Feather Basket will engage the audience to paint a birch bark feather basket with feathers collaged all around the island of Newfoundland painted in the centre of the basket. The island will be painted in the 4 medicine wheel colors bringing everyone together to celebrate indigenous culture and COME HOME YEAR.

mc cbnuit 2022.jpg

Meaghan Collins

Homeward Found

Homeward Found explores the meaning of home, from the lens of someone living in a place where they did not grow up. As a CFA tries to figure out her own definition of connection to home. Audience members are also invited to visit the space and offer their own interpretations of home to fill the space in which this performance takes place.


Meghan Dalley

memory house

memory house is an interactive manifestation of memories of growing up in Newfoundland. Stocked with a variety of vaguely familiar objects, things, and beings, it is an open house for play, imagination, creation, storytelling, and remembering. Constructed with a love for Newfoundland architecture and the inherent craftiness of Newfoundlanders.


Monica Lacey

please accept my offering

please accept my offering is an underwater video project documenting floral and plant offerings to the waterways of Epekwitk. This project is a ritual of devotion, a building of relationship, and a gesture of reverence for the connection and collaboration we are always in with the waters within us and all around.

nicole hollaway.jpg

Nicole Holloway

Stop the Ride, I Want to Get Off

Stop the Ride, I Want to Get Off is a siren song. It represents a dream people keep tucked away, to escape the growing chaos and return home. I want to plant seeds of possibility in viewers that might be waiting for their sign to take the leap.


Nicole Travers

Continuing Home

Continuing Home is a multidisciplinary exhibit which continues with Kepmite’lamul (I Honor You), a series which began during Nicole’s FIA Residency in 2021, and an active opportunity for participants to touch, feel and connect to the home tanned fish skins used. Participants have the opportunity of feeling samples of previously completed fish skin, or actively softening fish skins. Active participants are asked to reflect on the connection to the fish, the food it provided and how the art of softened hide will become part of another art piece in time.

CB Nuit Team (1)-page-001.jpg

Quilting the Fabric of Home 

Quilting the Fabric of Home aims to demonstrate what home means to us as individuals and as a community. We encourage everyone to contribute their ideas of home through phrases or images on fabric scraps that we will stitch into a traditional Newfoundland quilt as an act of collaborative storytelling.


Shazia Ahmad


Invitation is a screen-printed blanket fort which will form a shelter people can take refuge under. This fort will be constructed from large strips of water-proof Kraft paper. The screen-printed element will be an original pattern printed repetitively in a limited vibrant palette of magenta, cobalt blue, and dioxazine violet. 


St. Michael's Printshop

Mobile Press Print Party

Mobile Press Print Party will focus on community participation through a live printing event and printmaking workshop with St Michael’s mobile press; building new and existing relationships with the local community in and surrounding Corner Brook. Participants will engage with the print process while exploring the theme of Home.

IMG_9614 (1)_edited.jpg

Terry Boland

Home In The Bay of Islands

Home In The Bay of Islands is the water we live by and eat from. It is home to many animals; cod, caplin, herring, lobster, salmon, seals, whales, and home to garbage. This perfect pyramid draws attention to and illuminates the Bay life. We dump our waste into the Bay, cans and waste. The garbage is eaten by the fish, and we eat the fish, the tin can is transformed into fish. Tin can fish glisten under the digital light show. 


Adrian House

Adrian House est un artiste bilingue originaire de St. John's, nominé à six reprises au Music NL Awards. En 2021 il est devenu le premier terre-neuvien à atteindre les demi-finales du Festival International de Chanson de Granby, est il est présentement finaliste au Gala de la Chanson de Caraquet.

Image (3).jpeg

Kacie Callahan

A performer since a young age, she has spent the last several years bringing her unique blend of old-time soul, rock, and jazz to stages around the province. 


The Proper Things

 The Proper Things play rock music with pop hooks and punk energy. 


The Rangers

The Rangers is a band based out of Corner Brook, NL. Their musical stylings range from downtempo ghostly love songs to lively rock ‘n’ roll. The band’s modern experimentation coupled with their vintage sound invokes a nostalgia for an imaginary past. The Rangers are currently in the process of recording their debut album funded by MusicNL which is set to be released in late September 2022.

image_6483441 (1).JPG

The Strangers

The Strangers are a rock band based out of Corner Brook, NL. There are five members in the band - Logan Kelly (vocals/electric guitar), Joseph Michael (lead guitar), Jordan Murley (acoustic guitar), Zach George (bass) and Alister MacDonnell (drums). Despite the mature and developed sound of the group, the members all attend Corner Brook Intermediate School, ages ranging from 12 to 15 years old. They started writing music while attending the Gary Bennett Music Wednesday night rock band class lead by Scott Sheppard. The Strangers recorded their debut album entitled Dark Days EP at Phil Churchill's (The Once) Gingerbeard House Studios. 

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