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Lauren Brinson

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Lauren Brinson is an interdisciplinary artist from Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. She  received a BFA in Visual Art from Grenfell Campus, MUN in 2017, and a Master’s in Sculpture from the  University of Victoria in 2020 and has exhibited her work across Canada and internationally. 


I approach netmaking as a Newfoundlander born just after the fall of the cod fishing industry. Keeping  works to negotiate a relationship to the cultural value structures of utilitarian and aesthetic objects and  processes, and to nurture an appreciation for how beautiful netmaking is in its historical usefulness, and its function as textile.

Netting Workshop

I want to implement an aspect of community engagement as research to inform the creation of the completed artwork as well; to invite stories from people in the area about net making in their families; to share nets, or tools that have been passed down or found as a way of sharing and rooting a shared practice to the community.

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