Keiko Hart
is this real (?)
life (?) drawing (?)

is this real (?) life (?) drawing (?) is a participatory live-streamed performance that reimagines the practice of life drawing. The stream is disrupted using a variety of glitches, obscuring definitive visual perceptions to encourage alternative modes of interpretation. Instead of traditionally ‘drawing’ what one sees, spectators are invited to ‘write’ what they see in order to include reflections outside the parameters of eyesight.

Note to participants:

Should you feel comfortable, you are invited to share your pieces with the artist and CB Nuit in what becomes a unique collaborative exercise that questions our current realities and modalities of connection. Participants can submit their work under their name, or do so anonymously. Please send to:

Shared pieces of all mediums will be displayed here on the Virtual West St. portal on keiko’s artist page until September 27th, 2021.