Jeffrey Young

Jeff Young is a member of Qalipu First Nation and an active board member on many regional and provincial organizations. His favourite organization to be a board member of is the Qalipu Cultural Foundation. Jeff sits as the secretary on the foundation, in which he commits several hours weekly. His purpose to sit on this board is to connect people with their culture and at the same time learn more about his Mi’kmaq culture and heritage.


Aside from volunteering Jeff works full-time as a Project Coordinator and is father to two small children. He hopes to pass down his teachings to his children from a young age, as he never had the opportunity to learn about his culture until much older in life.


Jeff hopes through his leadership that he will be able to help people happier by offering opportunities to have a better quality of life.

Deer Hide Drum Workshop

The participants will create a traditional deer hide drum. They will learn how to soften the hide, stretch it over the frame and secure it to the frame before leaving it to dry. They will leave with a drum that they can use in ceremony or gift to a friend.

Medallion Workshop

The participants will create an Indigenous medallion using elements from nature, such as birch bark, sweetgrass, sinew, porcupine quills, and pig hide. The workshop will take approximately 1.5 hours, which will allow them to complete a medallion to wear or to gift. This workshop will show participants Indigenous skills in crafting.