Jamie Merrigan

Jamie S. Merrigan is a writer, artist and actor living in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. They are currently working towards a BFA in Theatre at Grenfell. When they aren’t working on various projects, Jamie can be found wandering around the woods, reading murder mysteries and taking care of a very spoiled parrot.


Everyone has a unique understanding of their own gender experience and presentation. With this podcast I explore my own gender experience and presentation, and how it impacts the way I approach acting. Our virtual gallery is a celebration of the many ways the community expresses and experiences their own gender. 

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Alex Thornhill


Swimming as a trans or non binary person is inherently political; The stares and policing of our bodies has become a norm for us, and often leaves us craving that feeling of freedom and expression many cis people don't realize they have. So when I walk around Manuel's river with my colorful board shorts on and a large unbinded chest under my swim shirt, I leave no room for others opinions, and let myself be me, knowing that one act of defiance allows so many others to feel seen.

Connor Coombs




Growing up in a small community in rural Newfoundland meant I didn't have much exposure to LGBTQ+ people or ideas. I want to put myself out there to show other queer folks that they aren't alone, and to show Newfoundland that I am here and proud to be trans.

Jack - he/him



Laine (they/them) is a second year visual arts student. They are an illustrator and aspiring character and concept design artist. They identify as gender fluid, and the way they present often changes from day to day.



It honestly doesn't matter what I'm wearing or where I am when I spend time with this little turtle. She makes me the happiest I've ever been! She calls me Titi now, but she's called me both uncle and auntie in the past, and I'm excited for whatever our future holds.



My name is Tore (they/them) and I am a disabled nonbinary transmasc leaning queer person in St. John's. This photo was taken the morning before my first testosterone shot. It's extra important to me because I'm wearing some very special clothing, specifically the "Gender is Dead" t-shirt made by a Canadian nonbinary artist in Ottawa. My partner gifted it to me earlier this year as I began my public transition and it, along with my favourite locally purchased dinosaur dungarees have become my armour in feeling my true self. I never would have let myself wear something like this prior to coming out, and it brings me so much joy and euphoria. It also helps me use my mobility aids with pride, and my dungarees are filled with fun pins such as a rainbow heart that says "Queer AF" that make me feel even more connected to the communities we are building.