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Hot Gum

I began all of this with the thought of building a band (Hot Gum – myself, and local musicians/friends/family members Aley Waterman, Scott Sheppard and Greg O’Brien) for electronic music. This concept expanded to include theater designer Renate Pohl, who will be building an interactive light show, and local artist/educator John Carberry, who will be running a station encouraging audience members to paint on provided materials. Also dancing and using any available music makers will be highly encouraged.


The German term Gesamtkunstwerk, roughly translates as a "total work of art" and describes an artwork, design, or creative process where different art forms are combined to create a single cohesive whole. With this in mind, we are trying to attempt to create an interactive art experience in one sitting based around the idea of home as a community, where the community at large are encouraged to take part in the show..

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