Geraldine Hollett & Hilary Knee

Geraldine Hollett from acclaimed trio The Once has travelled the world extensively for the past 15 years creating music for stage, film and television. The last two years away from touring has given her a rare opportunity to embark on some truly unique “once in a lifetime” projects with focus on voice and now including dance with the sounds and ragged beauty of our province.

Of the Earth, Propelling Forward

Of the Earth, Propelling Forward is a music and dance collaboration between Geraldine Hollett and Hilary Knee. This performance is inspired by the Earth, nature, and its elements and will explore the textures and temperaments of each. This presentation includes vocal tracks, live vocals, dance, and video captured by Tom Cochrane.

Contemporary dance artist, Hilary Knee, studied at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and has performed at dance festivals across Canada including Guelph Dance, London Dance Festival, and the Festival of New Dance. Hilary is currently building her repertoire of solo dance and recently commissioned a new work by Sharon Moore.