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Email to schedule your photo with Tom Cochrane or email us your own photo of your wearable art to Inioluwa Adedapo at

Our CB Nuit 2020 Community Project invites members of our community to create wearable art in their bubbles. We encourage unique and imaginative delivery of wearable art and consider them as sculptures so there are a wide range of possibilities - the sky’s the limit!


  • Everything from facial art to body art including using textiles, paint, natural or found objects or reusable materials found in the community member/artists' bubble can be included or used in the creation of wearable art. 

  • Creative activity can include sewing, knitting, weaving, applique, painting, printmaking, crochet, tying or gluing things together.

  • Wearable art can take the form of a complete outfit or part of an outfit like a hat or fascinator or an unusual pair of shoes or gloves or a scarf or coat.

  • Any visual art making techniques can be used to create wearable art. 

  • Body painting or face painting can be used as well.

  • Wearable art should be safe to wear and safe to create. 


We are discouraging the purchase of materials for this project, in keeping with the environmental mandate of CB Nuit art festival and with respect to the COVID-19 health guidelines which discourage unnecessary movement and consumption. 


A photographer will take photographs of up to 50 individuals, families, or groups in their wearable art in their front yards or driveways starting on Friday the 18th of September. To book a photo-shoot email CB Nuit at These will then be assembled digitally in a unique way and featured on our website. 


*If you don’t manage to book a professional shoot, we would love you to photograph yourselves. A CB Nuit hotline will be available for questions and advice for community members as they create a week before and during the Festival. 


A digital artist will be engaged to produce the assembled photos into a digital form which will be featured on our website in the week that follows the CB Nuit’s festival weekend. We have found in the past that the festival vibe does carry on after the weekend is over. It will be something to look forward to and revisit your experience of the festival. 


Teachers! We invite you to build a part of your class curriculum around the project by giving your students the fun assignment of creating some wearable art, either individually, in groups, or with their family. It could be a great class project! It would be a great way to connect the class in an activity while getting involved in the community. 


Lastly, as you create your art, we ask that you be conscientious of cultural appropriation.