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Light For All of Us

2019 Community Art Project:


Our Community Project goal tfor 2019 was to address the need for Climate Change Awareness and instil hope while delivering solutions for our future. Our message is simple: we have the power to make a difference and our actions are at the heart of the Climate Change crisis.


We created a forest of futuristic 6’ tall biodegradable organic lanterns. With the help of local schools, we are built 12 tall lanterns that together will resemble a futuristic forest. The lanterns were made with newsprint which were stained and drawn upon with with food dyes sourced from beets, turmeric, blueberries, coffee and matcha tea.


The lanterns were installed in Bennett Hall, lit up with borrowed lamps, and were accompanied by a soundtrack of participants’ thoughts and messages about Climate Change. Our goal was to bring hope and solutions for our future to our community.

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