In keeping with the participatory element of the festival, we would like extend an
invitation to all groups, communities, organizations, and schools in greater Corner Brook
to participate in the creation of a project for CB Nuit which will be installed along West
street and become part of CB Nuit’s evening of Art!


"All of Us" consists of a series of stringed flags which will be hung from street light post
to post along the portion of West street that hosts the festival this year. It will serve to
dress the street up for the big night!

The material used for the flag will be recycled fabric. CB Nuit has a strong mandate to be environmentally responsible and this project will express a clear message. “Beautiful Art can be created with recycled and reused materials”. We suggest you bring an old piece of clothing from home and cut it to size.

The size of the flag needs to fit within the following dimensions: 12” x 12”. They can take
on any shape. All textures, colours and patterns of fabric are encouraged. The flags
don’t need to match. We are encouraging self-expression and diversity. Once we receive all of the flags from various groups they will be assembled randomly to bring our
community together in art.


Individual artists are invited to create art on the flag, using it as a canvas. All mediums
can be used from paint to stitching to buttons or found objects. Artists are encouraged to bring stuff from home. Hot glue is suggested to ensure each piece of art is structurally sound to endure the outdoor environment. (Plastic can be used although nothing should be purchased for this project other than glue and art supplies.) Each flag is a reflection of the individual artist.

"All Of Us" will be assembled on Friday the 12th of October in a space yet to be
determined. The flags will be dropped off from 3pm onward until the project is completed and ready for installation the following day.


Have fun!


CB Nuit is a magical and inspiring evening of art on the West Coast of Newfoundland / Ktaqmkuk and we're excited to be back for a fourth year!


Corner Brook's first after dark arts festival was called Nuit150+ and it happened in 2017 as part of Canada's 150 birthday celebrations. The event was a HUGE success, so the organizers brought it back for another year in 2018 and again in 2019.

Our goal is to  engage the Corner Brook community creatively through participation in site specific art projects which foster self expression.


Say Hi! Kwe’! Allo!


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