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All of Us


2018 Community Project:

"All of Us" consists of a series of stringed flags which were hung from street light post
to post along the portion of West street that hosts the festival. It served to
dress the street up for the big night!

The material used for the flag were recycled fabric. CB Nuit has a strong mandate to be environmentally responsible and this project expressed this message clearly: “Beautiful Art can be created with recycled and reused materials”. 

The size of the flag needed to fit within the following dimensions: 12” x 12”. They took on many different shapes. All textures, colours and patterns of fabric made it into the project.  With self-expression and diversity at the root of this project, no two flags were the same. Once received all of the flags from various groups were assembled randomly to bring our community together in art.

Individual artists were invited to create art on the flag, using it as a canvas. All mediums
were used, from paint to stitching to buttons or found objects. Each flag became a reflection of the individual artist.

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