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Candice Pike &
Hilary Knee

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Candice Pike is a dance artist and educator based in Corner Brook, NL. She uses a gentle approach to create, interpret, and share dance through both a somatic and intellectual lens. With an eclectic background of artistic experience she considers unique ways of producing performing arts in rural locations.

Hilary Knee is a dance artist and emerging choreographer based in Corner Brook, NL. Since returning to NL in 2020, Hilary has dedicated much of her artistic practice to choreography and is currently working on a multimedia collaboration with musician Geraldine Hollett.

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The Fire Kedgys

The Fire Kedgys at CB Nuit is a movement performance that brings the otherworldly Kedgys to West Street to as ambassadors of resilience. Dancers weave along the street, inspiring each other to take action. Originally conceived by Neighbourhood Dance Works the two choreographies that make up this piece were commissioned as part of Fire Kedgys’ Come Home. 

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