2020 Festival

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. We've selected our projects and artists have been notified. Thanks to everyone who sent a project proposal!


CB Nuit is going digital for 2020!


On the West Coast of Newfoundland / Ktaqmkuk, nestled on the shore of the Bay of Islands / Elmastukwek, you’ll find Corner Brook - a small community with a huge creative spirit. 


Since 2017, Corner Brook has been home to an annual after dark arts festival, known as CB Nuit. West Street, located downtown, is closed to make way for a night of multi-disciplinary art installations and performances.


In light of COVID-19, we’ll be mounting an entirely digital festival for 2020. The festival will take place from September 18 - 20. By bringing artists and audiences together in a virtual online world, accessed from the CB Nuit website, our goal is to connect the ‘bubbles’ that we have all been living and working in during this time of distance. 


To create a three-day experience of innovative, exciting and participatory art we are relying on the creative, unrestrained imaginations of participating artists to deliver projects that bring the values of our site-specific festival into an online format. 


CB Nuit welcomes submissions from emerging and established artists or collectives working in all forms of creative practices: visual, performance, video, sound, film, theatre, dance and music.  


Guidelines for Submissions


  • Artists can propose installation, performance, digital, interactive, or hybrid projects that can be presented in an online format.

  • Projects can include pre-produced/recorded exhibitions, live events delivered in real time, ongoing processes that evolve over the course of the festival, or any other type of innovative activity that would fit within an online festival format. 

  • Projects will either be accessible to an online audience continuously OR at scheduled intervals over the course of the festival. (scheduled times will be organized depending on details/content of individual projects)

  • Artists are encouraged to think outside of the box to propose projects that reflect the community-oriented, and innovative spirit that CB Nuit is known for.

  • Artists may propose any type of project, however projects that are multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, collaborative or participatory will be given priority in the selection process.

  • In order to support local artists at this time of uncertainty, priority will also be given to applicants from the Corner Brook area. 

  • In addition to a project proposal, artists are invited to propose a related workshop that could be delivered online during the day on Saturday, September 19 and/or Sunday September 20th. 

  • Proposed activities should follow all public health guidelines in place at the time of submission.


CB Nuit will support artists in the following ways:


  • Selected artists will be paid a professional fee for completed projects. 

  • An additional honorarium will be remunerated for workshops delivered.

  • Technical support for delivering projects in an online space will be provided.




Proposals will be selected by a committee composed of three members from the CB Nuit Team.


Proposals should include:

  • CV and bio (from the applying artist and/or members of a collective.)

  • Short artist statement describing your journey as an artist and the inspiration for your project.

  • Maximum 2 page Artist Statement and Project Description which highlights the vision, procedure and implementation of your project. Please include details of how the project will be presented in an online format and outline any special technical needs or concerns.

  • (Optional) A ¼ page description of a workshop related to the project that could be delivered virtually.


Support material:

  • up to 10 images in jpeg format

  • links to video work (max 5 min)

  • links to sound work (max 5 min)


All submissions must be sent as email attachments - no zip files. 

Images in jpeg format. Text files as PDFs.


All submissions should be sent to no later than midnight, July 15, 2020.


Please feel free to contact Creative Director Louise Gauthier, Program Director Adam Brake, or our Chair Chris Short, with questions about our current festival format. They will be happy to offer support as you prepare to submit a project proposal for an online festival.


Louise Gauthier, Creative Director - 709 639 4513

Adam Brake, Programming Director - 709 660 2911

Chris Short, Board Chair - 709 660 5341