Corner Brook's first after dark arts festival was called Nuit150+ and it happened in 2017 as part of Canada's 150 birthday celebrations. The event was a HUGE success, so the organizers brought it back for another year in 2018. Now it's time for round three! The 2019 edition of CB Nuit will be a magical and inspiring evening of art! 


Our goal is to  engage the Corner Brook community creatively through participation in site specific art projects which foster self expression.


Stay tuned for more information!


On the West Coast of Newfoundland, nestled at the mouth of the Bay of Islands, you will find a small community that boasts a large creative spirit. Situated in Corner Brook, CB Nuit is a multidisciplinary afterdark festival that aims to engage artists in the creation and installation of site specific and participatory contemporary works. In its launching year, the festival was visited by nearly 3,000 spectators and won the 2017 Ace award for “Event of the Year”.


In its second year, CB Nuit produced a Petite Nuit in order to be able to present the full scale festival biannually. Though smaller the festival represented a large number of our arts community and the night was intimate, well attended and beautifully executed with exciting and original projects delivered by both community groups and professional local artists.

We are very excited to announce that this fall, CB Nuit is planning to deliver a festival that once again will extend from Majestic Gardens to City Hall and host a larger number of art events resembling our inaugural year complete with a special guest. CB Nuit’s mandate encourages the cross pollination of art disciplines though not cumpulsary.

Participants will create art experiences across a range of media or combinations thereof: visual, performance, site-specific, video, sound, projection, theatre, film, dance, and music. Please let us in on your inspiration, sequence, procedure and implementation of your activity/project.

For this event, artists agree to create temporary projects located in public space which will be available free of charge to the public during CB Nuit either continuously or in intervals from 7pm until midnight on the second night of the event.


Artists will be assigned a location either public or private. In the case of private venues, artists and venues proprietors will be expected to follow specific guidelines with regards to use of space which will be found in the artist contract.


*New for 2019 - we are inviting artists to create a workshop connected to the project delivery in the festival itself. An additional honorarium will be remunerated for workshops delivered the night before the festival or during the day leading up to the festival big night. (Currently we are seeking submissions of proposals from artists interested in the production of a temporary site-specific work.) Proposals will be juried by a panel comprised of the organizing arts committee. Selected artists will be paid an honorarium for completed projects. CB Nuit does not pay for travel and accommodations to Corner Brook from out of town, we can however, accommodate billeting.

All submissions must be sent as email attachments - no zip files, images are in jpeg format and text files as PDFs.

Proposals should include:


CV, short artist statement/bio (describing your journey as an artist and inspiration for your project) and a one page project description (and optional workshop description) which includes any special technical needs.

Support material:

  • up to 10 images in jpeg format

  • links to video work (max 5 min)

  • links to sound work (max 5 min)

  • All submissions should be sent to cbnuit@gmail.com by no later than May 31st by end of day.