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Black Lives Matter - Our Promise

In light of recent tragic and horrific events witnessed in the United States, we want to express our support for the Black Lives Matter movement. We advocate for a future when the marginalized, oppressed, and persecuted members of our Black Community will be respected, loved and embraced as equal members of our world. 


As an arts organization, CB Nuit promises to:


  • Ensure that inclusivity is a priority by supporting the creative expression of marginalized, persecuted, and oppressed communities of Newfoundland, including Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) of our community.

  • Ensure that our project selection jury adheres to our core value of diversity and assesses applications from an informed position regarding diverse cultural and training backgrounds 

  • Share our Call for Submissions to organizations with viewership by BIPOC communities

  • Commit to understanding the effects of colonialism and how it has impacted access to creative representation, expression and funding of art for BIPOC artists

  • Consider the way we write applications and reports with acknowledgement of systemic inequalities

  • Continue to grow the list of groups and organizations from Corner Brook who are invited to participate in our annual Community Project while continuing to address barriers to participation that racialized groups may experience

  • Foster a culture of openness and inclusivity within our Board of Directors with respect to marginalized communities of our world, including BIPOC through education and research.

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