Dosanjh & Robyn

In BURROW, we ask ourselves:

- How does the fundamental nature of poverty exacerbate sensory overload?

- How does this affect our connection to ourselves, each other, our surroundings? Our sense of time and place?

- When the body is consistently invaded by the surrounding environment, what sense of self can be maintained?

- If everything we are is transferable, can we be brought back again?

We do not have the answers.


CONTENT WARNING: insects, bright/flashing lights and colors, sudden/loud noises.

Azal Dosanjh is a theatre artist from India, now residing in St. John's, Newfoundland. He is a graduate of the Stage and Screen Technique Diploma from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. His recent directing credits include Burrow by Robyn Vivian, Until Death Do Us Part by Prajwala Dixit, The Boor, and The Proposal by Anton Chekhov. Azal is currently adapting and developing a series of stage political satires originally written by Gursharan Singh, in a collection entitled Politically Relative.

Robyn Vivian is a theatre artist and writer based in St. John's. She holds a BFA from Memorial University. Select performance credits include: Other Worlds (Geordie Theatre), Sideshow Absurdica and The Kraken (Under The Bridge Productions), The Tales of Dwipa (White Rooster Theatre/RCAT), Private Eyes (Power Productions/lemonTree creations), and Drinking Again (RCAT). Playwriting credits include: Equinox (in development), Lights Out (Theatre Perimetric), Deeper (workshopped with TODOS Productions), and SNATCH (Theatre Perimetric). Her digital short, BURROW, was first released under Eastern Front Theatre’s Micro Digital Creation Project series.