Lois Brown

Material Life  - showing on the street

Created by interdisciplinary artist, Lois Brown Material Lift is a publically-engaged research-performance that explores relationally between material and us, as we wrap,

push, and pull a huge piece of zip cloth through a street into a theatre space. It floats as we are submerged, resurface and immerse ourselves in its white clouds.

Chris Short, Daniel Payne and Mandy Keeping

Coloratura - showing at Picture it in a Frame

Use your imagination, picture the world outside a frame, and explore relationships between colour, sound, and movement by creating paper collages, stop-motion animations, and soundscapes for an installation and projection work entitled "Coloratura."

Faune Ybarra

θ - TH [or How To Find Your Own Language] - showing at City Hall

A collective performance of gratitude and a celebration of art, community, and existence.





Kassie Lukeman and Meaghan Collins

Milltown - showing at Our Pleasure

A young woman replays a conversation between her and friends her own age as they sit drinking in the woods, talking about where they come from, why they’re here, and, ultimately, what drives them to believe they have to leave. An introspective on Corner Brook’s identity (or lack thereof), history, culture, and how the things we don’t want to talk about always come back to bite us in the end.

Sam Westcott

Dialogue On Loop - showing at Brewed Awakening

An experimental performance which will combine spoken word drama and live, improvised music. Lead by writer/musician Sam Westcott, with writer/actor Santiago Guzman, and others, Dialogue On Loop will explore the relationship between monologues, dialogues, and sound, through a series of thematically-connected scenes. 



Jane Reagh

Corner Brook, Here We Are - showing on the street

A performance piece which creates large scale gestural drawings in acrylic latex.  The drawings will be inspired by who attends CBNuit, being themselves and blending into a colourful crowd.




Ashley Hemmings

Plant Matter - showing on the street

A body of work made as a part of an artist residency with the MUN Botanical Garden. The work considers the arbitrary systems and hierarchies surrounding the naming and organization of plant-life, and the fantastical potential of nature left uncontrolled by humans.


Sarah O’Rourke Whelan

Deep Space 709 - showing at the Greenwood Inn

A digitally projected adventure through neo-futuristic Newfoundland. Lift off 3, 2, 1.