& Lisa Sheppard

Andrea Tucker (she/her) is a dancer, improviser, teacher and mother. Her knowledge and experience with contemporary dance forms have greatly influenced her pedagogical and parental philosophy. Andrea’s curiosity of the physical and natural world has led her to examining intuitive relationships through movement and dance. 

Lisa Sheppard (she/her) has found the art of rug-hooking to be an expression of her inner energy; offering freedom and groundedness.She likes playing with materials, colors, techniques and styles. Lisa is a Strong Women competitor who pulls dump trucks with a smile on her face and love in her heart. 

in shadowed

in shadowed is an interdisciplinary piece blending live dance and rug-hooking practice; offering a visual rug-hooked installation that emerges from shared artistic curiosity and performative approach. The installation and live dance unfolds in real time inspired by the relational stories of the artists and their mediums. 

Thank you to the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre as well as Karla Biggins and Brandon Hopkins for their work as creative production team.