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Anastasia Tiller

Anastasia Tiller is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Lethbridge, NL. Her work encompasses monochromatic figurative referencing photographic imagery, gestural flat paintings, and colourful pointillism landscapes as well as murals. Tiller is actively involved in the provincial visual arts community and served on VANL Board of Directors for 3 consecutive years, she also participates in the Francophone community of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Step Into a Painting

An Invitation / Step into a Painting is an interactive mural or rather a very large painting, it represents an emotional response to the proposed theme of the CB Nuit festival. This large format painting depicts the inviting and welcoming nature of a Newfoundland home. I would like to invite an audience to become part of the painting by stepping into the two dimensional environment to create an optical 3D perception.

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