Anastasia Tiller

Anastasia Tiller is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lethbridge, NL. Her work encompasses monochromatic figurative referencing photographic imagery, gestural flat paintings, and colourful pointillism landscapes. Her textile works move in a different direction all together. Anastasia takes a fun and whimsical new spin on the traditional Newfoundland and Labrador art of rug hooking. Hooking was a craft taken up by Tiller during the long winters in Lethbridge, NL. With a fantastical approach to ocean creatures, the imagery is a playful departure from traditional approaches. Loops of theatricality, bright pops of colour, and a flagrant optimism exude from these textile creatures which seek to brighten up the foggy or snowy days. Tiller is actively involved in the provincial visual arts community as an art teacher as well as a member of the Visual Artists Newfoundland and Labrador Board of Directors.

Growing Bananas, Harts and Fish

Growing Bananas, Harts and Fish is an indoor/outdoor interactive installation of multitude of small hand hooked sculptures suspended inside of a greenhouse. The interactive element presents itself through rug hooking workshop where participants are invited to learn and create or build on their skills.


Since the beginning of the pandemic Newfoundland tradition of growing food for the family at home showed a renewed importance. Nurturing a personal garden with love and receiving all that love back has a therapeutic effect. In a playful way I am also reflecting on the land and sea relationship dynamic and the ways the sea can nurture the garden.  I  use humor, imagination and fantasy in my work as I am exploring positivity in art. It is also a coping mechanism to reconcile with an uncertain world around us.  

What I appreciate the most about Fibre Art and rug hooking in particular is that it gives us not only visual but tactile perception, even if we do not get to literally touch the work.