In addition to our featured artists, we'll have music and dance and other fun performances by these community groups and businesses:

Bob's Hair Bonanza

Rev Dave and the Sin Eaters

Jazz West

CB Post Rock Improv

Gary Graham Choir

Cantabile Music Choir

Women's Drumming Circle

Corner Brook Fire Department

Tina Coleman Yoga

Bridget and Dahlia

Sarah...H McDonald Youth Theatre

Terry Boland


CB Nuit is a magical and inspiring evening of art on the West Coast of Newfoundland / Ktaqmkuk and we're excited to be back for a fourth year!


Corner Brook's first after dark arts festival was called Nuit150+ and it happened in 2017 as part of Canada's 150 birthday celebrations. The event was a HUGE success, so the organizers brought it back for another year in 2018 and again in 2019.

Our goal is to  engage the Corner Brook community creatively through participation in site specific art projects which foster self expression.


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