All of these projects will be presented at their scheduled times through our Virtual West Street portal, designed by Drew Pardy and Aidan Devereaux. Check back on September 18 for the live portal!

Friday - September 18th

3:40pm - Sistership TV episode 4 (Atlantic Alliance premiere) 
7:00 pm - Festival Opening with Paul Pike Performance

7:30 pm - Virtual West Street designers Drew Pardy and Aidan Devereaux Artist Chat
8:00 pm - Maqtukwek by Alexandra Antle, session 1
8:45 pm - Artist Chat with Jane Reagh 
9:00 pm - CB Portraits by Jane Reagh

9:00 pm - Drift by Helen Fox Reid & SOMADOSE with Artist Chat

9:15 pm - We ARe Fantastic, 3rd Instagram filter by Janice Hertel with Artist Chat

9:30 pm - jellyfire by Rona Rangsch with Artist Chat
9:45 pm - Solar Etchings
  video 1 by Charlotte May Hobden with Artist Chat

10:15 pm - Artist Chat with Alexandra Antle
10:30 pm - Checking in with All of Us EveryWEAR / Inioluwa Adedapo Artist Chat

10:45 pm - Artist Chat with Bridget & Dahlia 

11:15 pm - Intuitive Dance from Isolation by Kate Sanders

11:30 pm - Artist Chat with Escape's Julianne Chapple

11:45 pm - SOMADOSE CB Nuit 2019 Video

12:00 am - Escape by Future Leisure

Saturday - September 19th


11:00 am - "Guide you through the day" with Adam Brake, Louise Gauthier & Angela Brockway

11:30 am - Artist Chat with Mira Buckle and Scott Langford

11:45 am - TNL's Covid Chronicles 2.5: The New Normal Premieres

12:15 pm - Chat with No Judgement! 's Artist Samantha Chaulk 

12:30 pm - Graham Academy's Virtual Corner Brook  with Artist Chat
12:45 pm - Goran film clip from Roberto Santaguida
1:00 pm - Personal Documentary Filmmaking by Roberto Santaguida, session 1
1:00 pm - Bee Connected by Marcus Gosse
2:30 pm - Solar Etchings video 2 by Charlotte May Hobden

3:00 pm - Artist Chat with Tom Cochrane, All of Us EveryWEAR roaming photographer

3:00 pm - No Judgement! by Samantha Chaulk
5:00 pm - CB Portraits by Jane Reagh
5:30 pm - Maqtukwek by Alexandra Antle session 2

6:30 pm - Solar Etchings video 3 by Charlotte May Hobden 

7:30 pm - Artist Chat with Sistership TV 

7:30 pm - "Guide you through the evening" with Adam Brake, Louise Gauthier & Angela Brockway
8:00 pm - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids/ Drive-In Theatre presented by City of Corner Brook
                featuring jellyfire by Rona  Rangsch 
8:00 pm - Don't Let Me Fall Too Far by Rozalind MacPhail live from Rotary Arts Centre
9:00 pm - Sarfest featuring Ife Alaba, live from the Arts and Culture Centre
10:00 pm - Chocolate by the Sea by Bridget & Dahlia with Artist Chat 

10:45 pm - Artist Chat with Kate Sanders
11:00 pm - More from the Hosting Platform

11:00 pm - Intuitive Dance from Isolation by Kate Sanders
12:00- 3:00 am - Escape by Future Leisure

Sunday - September 20th

11:00 am - Maqtukwek by Alexandra Antle session 3 with time-lapse video
12:00 pm - Solar Etchings video 4 by Charlotte May Hobden
1:00 pm - Personal Documentary Filmmaking by Roberto Santiguida, session 2

1:30 pm - More from the Hosting Platform
2:00 pm - CB Portraits by Jane Reagh

2:45 pm - Review and highlights of last night's events

5:30 pm - Solar Etchings video 5 by Charlotte May Hobden

6:00 pm - Artist Chat with Bee Connected's Marcus Gosse

6:30 pm - Check in with Inioluwa Adedapo & All of Us EveryWEAR
7:30 pm - Solar Etchings video 6 by Charlotte May Hobden
8:00 pm - Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Rozalind MacPhail, live from the Rotary Arts Centre
9:00 pm - Maqtukwek by Alexandra Antle, session 4

10:00 pm - Intuitive Dance from Isolation by Kate Sanders
11:00 pm - Festival Closing Cermonies


CB Nuit is a magical and inspiring evening of art on the West Coast of Newfoundland / Ktaqmkuk and we're excited to be back for a fourth year!


Corner Brook's first after dark arts festival was called Nuit150+ and it happened in 2017 as part of Canada's 150 birthday celebrations. The event was a HUGE success, so the organizers brought it back for another year in 2018 in 2019, and again in 2020.

Our goal is to  engage the Corner Brook community creatively through participation in site specific art projects which foster self expression.


Say Hi! Kwe’! Allo!

Louise Gauthier, Creative Director


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